Client Feedback


“The trip was great, probably the best bonefishing in the hemisphere. If you are a dedicated wader, as I am, it just doesn;t get any better. I no longer have the eyes or the stamina to catch the huge numbers that I used to catch here but always catch enough to keep coming back. Fish are larger than any place else I have fished and that includes Christmas Island and Los Roques. I came the first season BTB was open and have returned more than 25 times. Coming back in a few months with newbies. What can I say about Ganger? He just has to be experienced to be believed, a very positive part of the adventure.” -Jim Stawarz (Since ~2000)

“Enjoyed another fine fishing experience at Beyond the Blue. Fished for “school fish” and singles. Wish I could catch all the fish I cast towards. There are many opportunities most days. It was fun to work on my skill sets and improve my catch rate. The fishery is improving. More large bones (6-8lbs) and several double-digits were taken this trip. My personal best of 9 1/2lbs was taken in 2015. Service is great by the staff. They do their best to provide a quality experience. The number of guests are limited and our group of 5-6 are the only fishermen on the flat. The guide, ganger, is excellent. Best wishes to Beyond the Blue.” -Steve Brown (Since ~2008)

“Fishing is second to none. The size and volume of fish are outstanding. Ganger and Pearl make the trip feel like home. Food is perfect…don’t change. We tried fishing in all corners of the world and always look forward to coming back to Big South. Pricing is not the cheapest, all things considered. Great fishery but not a luxury resort.” -Kyle Brown (Since 2002)
“Fabulous fishing out on the flats. It is so nice to go out fishing and not be crowded out or pressured by other groups of fishermen. I have never seen so many bonefish and they can always be found somewhere on the flats- either schools or singles. Our guide, Ganger/G-man, can spot fish from +100 yards away and wil get you on fish. He has a great sense of humor and always good for a laugh. The hospitality is wonderful and the home-cooked meals are great. Looking forward to coming back!” -Don B. (Since 2017)
“My father and I have been coming here for over a decade. We try other places and keep coming back- the flats, the size and quantity of fish- nothing else compares. And no where else has Ganger!” -Allen Wilson (Since 2002)
“Started fishing in South Caicos in 2002 and been a regular ever since. Have expanded our group to include our son and so has been an outstanding father-son trip over the years…the guys now outfish their dads on a regular basis. The fishery is significantly better than 5 years ago. Few small fish…lots of 6-8 pounders and always a few double-digit. Great wading and sugar sand flats. You’re the only boat on the flats…no crowd…no noise. If you want to wade only, this is the place…not for beginners. Ganger is a true Caicos treasure and can always put you on fish regardless of the weather.” -H Wilson (Since 2002)