Welcome to South Caicos


Join us in 2019 as we celebrate our 20th season running airboat bonefish charters in South Caicos! We are so grateful for all the clients who have shared our love of this fishery and island throughout the years and to show our appreciation, we have a few special gifts for you this season. All of our 2018-19′ multi-day fishing clients will receive a gorgeous Beyond the Blue Buff (TM) with an artist’s rendering of our airboat and paddleboard behind a tailing bonefish! In addition, all our 2018-19′ multi-day lodge fishing guests will qualify to win (2) 3 day/4 night fishing packages* for the 2019-20′ fishing season! We have a few more surprises and upgrades at the lodge, not the least of which is complimentary Turks Head Lager on tap with the purchase of a Turks Head pint glass. Help celebrate our 20th season of bonefishing in South Caicos by booking your 2018-19′ charter package today and qualify to win a 3 day/4 night fishing package* for 2019-20′! 

Beyond the Blue delivers an unmatched fishing experience as clients glide across clear skinny water in a 24′ airboat, putting you on absolutely gorgeous, hard bottomed flats teaming with bonefish!  Once the boat stops, you’ll either wade or paddleboard as you stalk after the coveted gray ghosts of the Caicos Bank.  On any given day, you might run into many small schools holding bonefish 7lbs and over or schools of several hundred bonefish ranging from 3-6lbs.  You might even get to stalk after a double-digit swimming solo or in small groups of two or three.  Whatever the wind and tide bring, you will spend the day wading or paddle-boarding with miles of saltwater wilderness surrounding you and not another boat in sight!

Here’s a typical day with Beyond the Blue:  Load in the airboat around 8am and be at the edge of the flat system in as little as 5-10 minutes. Your guide, either Ganger or Bibo, will start scanning the flats for bonefish as the airboat soars across the water.  Once they start seeing fish, they’ll stop the boat for you to begin wading or paddle-boarding the area.  As you stalk the flat after bonefish, your guide can help you spot fish and give tips for casting, strip setting your hook, reeling in and then releasing your fish or you can try your own skill without the guide over your shoulder.  If you wade far from the boat while stalking fish, the guide may periodically walk back and bring the airboat up so it is always within a short walk for his anglers.  You’ll enjoy a picnic lunch on the boat whenever you get hungry and then return to lodge around 4pm.   The novelty of wading and/or paddle boarding is that everyone fishes all day without having to take turns on the deck of a traditional poling skiff.  We fish groups of up to 6 anglers (call us for exceptions) so you’ll always have space in the boat and miles of uncrowded flats to wade the vast Caicos Bank.


Contact Bibo with questions about Beyond the Blue charters and to book your next bonefishing adventure. We hope to have you as our guest here soon!
* Airfare, taxes, licenses, staff/guide tips and alcoholic beverages not included; 2 names of multi-day 2018-19′ lodge fishing guests will be randomly drawn at the end of June 2018 to win a 3 day/4 night 2019-20′ fishing package.